Company Profile

COSMO C&T, the customer-oriented company that puts customer satisfaction first!
COSMO C&T has been trying to supply the best product since established in 1993.
We are manufacturing and selling high-quality medical devices, skin care equipment, esthetic cosmetics which are
directly produced and managed by Professional skin care experts.
With our core technology based on skin science, the quality and superiority of our equipment
and cosmetics are favorably received in the global market.
In order to offer the value of beauty that our customers want and beyond, COSMO C&T will keep working with our own management motto.

Management Motto (Seven Core Tasks)

  • Professional esthetic company
  • Management centered on customer values
  • Centering on education and training
  • People-oriented
  • Quality First
  • Social Contribution
  • Thorough A/S


MATRIGEN is the exclusive brand of COSMO C&T meaning to improve skin genes.

Matrix (skin network) + Genes

  • Improving the skin net construction to be denser
  • Keeping elastic skin tissue and skin tone by reinforcing skin network construction with a high-density cosmeceutical solution.