CEO Message


Differentiated Technology and Service Offered
by Experts with 25 Years of Experience!

COSMO C&T has grown to be the best business partner that manufactures
and distributes skin care products since established in 1993.
Based on the know-how and wisdom of 25 years in the skin care market,
we are providing our customers the best service and quality as an expert
with our own ability and knowledge.

COSMO C&T directly produces skin care cosmetics,
skin care equipment, medical equipment, etc.
and has tried hard to maximize the synergy of the equipment and cosmetics.
Through the direct distribution, we understand our customers'
needs and our experts give a demonstration to help customers who buy products.
Also, thorough A/S, innovative R&D, and various standard certification,
we are favorably received by domestic and overseas customers.

COSMO C&T is planning on the 2nd leap forward by expending its manpower
such as production facilities and research & development
with the construction of a new building in 2019.
Based on our experience and technology,
we will continue to lead the company in the next generation beauty market
in the field of skin care beauty.

Thank you.