Leading Company of GLOBAL BEAUTY


    • May. 2019
      Established Meso Pharm Co., Ltd., the manufacturing company
      Apr. 2019
      Extended the mask pack manufacturing facilities
      Mar. 2019
      Design registration of the sun stick
      Feb. 2019
      Launched the Sun stick
      Jan. 2019
      Launched the hair removal cream


    • Aug. 2018
      Applied the patent for MISTRO
      Jul. 2018
      Design registration of the MISTRO Facial Massage equipment
      Jun. 2018
      Extended investment in new (mass) solution plant and equipment
      May. 2018
      Moved the office building (to Gajwa-dong, Incheon)
      Apr. 2018
      Developed the sun stick
      Mar. 2018
      Launched the 2 kinds of mask packs
      Feb. 2018
      Acquired the CFDA sanitary license for MATRIGEN Moisturizing Fluid, MATRIGEN Peptide Fluid
      Jan. 2018
      Acquired the ISO 22716 Certification


    • Mar. 2017
      Acquired the CFDA sanitary license for Meso-Tox Firming Solution and Purifying Cream
      Feb. 2017
      Launched the MISTRO equipment
      Jan. 2017
      Extended investment in (mass) plant and equipment and strengthened export capabilities (expanded export to 30 countries)


    • Mar. 2016
      Strengthened export capabilities
      Feb. 2016
      Made a supply contract with the esthetic consumer specialized company
      Jan. 2016
      Launched the Mesotox solution(Injection)


    • Mar. 2015
      Design registration of the TRIGEN skin care equipment
      Feb. 2015
      Developed the Meso Filler, the injection equipment
      Jan. 2015
      Made OEM & ODM contracts with domestic and overseas companies (strengthening the export)


    • Jan. 2014
      OEM & ODM research, development, and production